If you notice that your adapter is not paired to your vehicle adapter, try the following steps. 

Is your adapter paired to your truck in the fleet portal?

If your truck connection page says “no vehicle adapter paired”, call your manager to have the adapter paired from the Fleet Portal.

For instructions, check out our article on Pairing Your Vehicle Adapter to Your Truck.

2. If your truck is paired to an adapter through fleet portal, try clearing Maven app data.

  1. Close the Maven application
  2. Open tablet settings
  3. Select the option for “apps”, and tap Maven Machines
  4. Tap storage
  5. Tap Clear data or Clear storage.

NOTE! You will have to log back into the Maven application and reconnect to your truck. 

3. If those steps are unsuccessful, unplug your vehicle adapter and plug it back in.

If you’re still unable to connect to your vehicle adapter, please contact Maven Support at 412-499-3877, or email us at support@mavenmachines.com .