Welcome to our indispensable pre-route optimization checklist, designed exclusively for route planners. As experts in your field, you understand that the success of route optimization hinges on the quality of the data fed into the system. This comprehensive checklist serves as your trusty guide, ensuring that your optimization process is flawless from the start. Armed with this checklist, you will eliminate uncertainties and optimize with unwavering precision. Let's delve into the critical factors that guarantee optimal results and pave the way for seamless, efficient routes.


Stops not geocoded (will not be routed)

Find the stop and update the address to geocode correctly. See Fixing Non-Geocoded Stops for more help geocoding stops.
Stops with no territories
Update the boundaries of the territories. This is done through territory administration, not through the dispatch board.
Territories with No Assigned Routes
Find an appropriate route and add the territory to the route.
Territories with unmet skill requirements
Find a route with the correct skill needed and assign it to the territory.
Stops bigger than any appropriate asset assigned
Either assign an asset with more capacity to the territory or edit the shipment to reduce its demand.