Welcome to our comprehensive guide on resolving incorrectly geocoded stops for LTL dispatchers and planners. Accurate geocodes form the foundation of efficient logistics management, allowing us to precisely route stops and optimize delivery groupings. In this article, we'll equip you with essential strategies and tools to rectify geocoding errors effectively. Investing the time to ensure precise geocodes is crucial, as it directly impacts the success of your operations. Join us as we delve into the importance of accurate geocoding and discover how it significantly contributes to a smoother, more streamlined logistics workflow. Let's dive in and address those geocoding challenges together!

Extra text in the address causes geocode failure

Sometimes fleets receive extra information in the address fields. For example time window information may be inserted into the address (“4117 Liberty Ave --- DEL BY 12PM!”) or contact information (“4117 Liberty Ave call jim at door”).

The fastest way to fix this is to copy the address with additional information

And then paste it into the stop address field. Delete the extra information. And select the correct location.


Underspecified or incorrect address

Sometimes the address provided to Maven is incorrect or underspecified. In these cases, the user must provide a correct address for Maven to geocode. Because Maven uses Google’s geocoder, the best way to find a valid address is to use Google Search or Maps.

For example, the below stop is under specified. Tuttle Road is too broad to geocode to a specific stop.

Copy the stop name and address and paste into Google search

Google is able to fine that there is a location that matches the name and general address. Importantly it also provides an address for the location. The user must confirm that this is the address they wish to deliver to.

Copy Google’s provided address and paste into the stop’s address