Sometimes during your shift, you may notice that your timers have abruptly changed values. Typically, if the timers are having problems, they will simply reset to full. You may also see timers resetting to 0. While these incidences are rare, here is how to manage them if they do arise. 

  1. Note the time that the timers seem to have fallen out of sync. 
    1. Most drivers note that the timers fail when:
      1. They have been in a consistent duty status for a long time (i.e. on their 10 hour break) or
      2. They have just switched a duty status (i.e. upon switching into "Off Duty", the timers fall out of sync) 
  2. Find the status where your timers fell out of sync on your logs page.
  3. If possible, select the "edit" button next to the errant status. We will now perform what is called a "null edit". Performing a null edit is simple. Please:
    1. Do not alter the start or end time on the status, or change the duty status type. 
    2. In the "notes" section, type the word, "null".
    3. Tap "save" in the top right of the page. 

Typically, after completing this step, your timers will return to normal. If you are still experiencing difficulties after this step, please give Maven Machines Support a call at 412-499-3877.