If you are receiving the "Oops, something went wrong" message upon logging in, read the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Ensure that you are connected to WIFI or have a strong cellular signal. This can be done by checking the status bar at the top your tablet’s screen and locating the WIFI and cellular reception symbols.

Above: WIFI and cellular reception symbols


  1. If your cellular reception is poor (one or no bars), please connect to WIFI or move to an area with better cellular reception.
  2. If your WIFI signal is poor (one or two bars), disconnect your WIFI* (see note below) and attempt to log in using cellular reception.
  1. Ensure that airplane mode is turned OFF.
    1. Swipe down from the top of your tablet to bring down the Quick Settings menu.
    2. Locate the airplane symbol.
    3. Is the symbol gray? If yes, then airplane mode is off. If the symbol is blue, airplane mode is ON, in this instance, tap the airplane symbol once to turn airplane mode OFF.

*Note: You can also turn WIFI on or off from the Quick Settings menu by tapping the WIFI symbol.


  1. Power cycle the tablet by pressing and holding the power button (usually located on the side of the device) and selecting “Power Off”. After device powers off, wait at least 5 seconds, and press and hold the power button again until the device powers on. Attempt to log in again.

  1. If the above steps are unsuccessful, please call Maven Machines Support at 412-499-3877.