Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, drivers are required to take a consecutive 30 minute break after 8 hours of cumulative driving. More information can be found here FMCSA Guidelines

 Companies who use Maven's Dispatch and P&D products can add these breaks to a driver's route. Maven refers to these breaks as "Lunch Stops." The Lunch Stop is treated like any other pick-up or delivery in the driver's route; as a driver arrives/departs at a pick-up or delivery stop, a driver starts/ends their lunch stop.

Using the Feature 

When a driver reaches the Lunch Stop in their route, they are presented with the screen displayed below. The driver has two options

1. Skip Lunch Stop 

2. Start Lunch

Taking a Lunch 

  • When a driver selects start lunch, the lunch timer will start counting up. 
  • The driver cannot complete his lunch until 30 mins have elapsed. Until 30 minutes have passed, the "Lunch Complete" button will be grey and inaccessible. 
  • Selecting "Lunch Complete" will end the lunch stop and the driver will see the next delivery/pick-up in their route.   

Skip Lunch 

  • If a driver selects the option to "skip lunch", they must select a reason for skipping it. 
  • In order to proceed to their next stop, the driver must select their reason for the skip, at which point they can hit "skip lunch" to continue their day. 

  • A skipped lunch will look like this: 

Interrupting a Lunch

Alternatively, drivers have the option to interrupt their Lunch Stop after they have started. Similar to skipping lunch, drivers have the option to select the reason why they are interrupting their lunch. If a driver interrupts their lunch, they will not get credit for the time taken and may still need to take a break to remain compliant.