Increase your efficiency and streamline workflow with keyboard shortcuts designed specifically for LTL dispatchers and planners. In this help article, we'll introduce you to essential shortcuts that will save you valuable time and effort. Speed up your tasks with shortcuts like 'A' for quick stop assignment, 'Z' for seamless map zooming, and 'L' for effortless stop lassoing and selection. 

Mastering these shortcuts will empower you to navigate through your daily responsibilities swiftly and confidently, ultimately enhancing your productivity and ensuring smoother operations. Discover the power of keyboard shortcuts and revolutionize your planning and dispatching experience. Let's get started!

Keyboard Shortcuts




Triggers assign stop flow. This hotkey is active whenever one or more stops are selected that can be assigned.


Zooms the map to all selected stops.


Triggers lasso routes tool. 


Triggers lasso stops