1. Check that all the necessary prerequisites for successful connection are in place 
    1. Check that WIFI and Bluetooth are turned on, and airplane mode is turned off. 
    2. Make sure that the adapter is connected to your diagnostic port properly 
    3. Ensure that the truck's engine is running 
  2. Once you are sure that all initial steps are complete, please start by unplugging your vehicle adapter 
    1. In most trucks, the vehicle adapter can be unplugged from the diagnostic port by your left knee 
    2. Please leave the vehicle adapter unplugged for at least 10 seconds before plugging it back in
    3. Once the adapter is plugged back in, attempt to reconnect by selecting the truck icon at the top of the application and selecting your truck.
    4. If these steps fail, please proceed with troubleshooting
  3. If you are on your timers screen, please select the truck icon at the top of your application. 
  4. If the option is available, select "leave vehicle". 
  5. Press the home button at the bottom of your tablet to exit the Maven Machines app. Open your tablet's settings. 
  6. Select "Apps" from the lefthand column of options.
  7. In the top right corner of the apps screen, you should be able to see three vertically stacked grey dots. 
    1. Tap on the grey dots; this will generate a mini menu.
    2. Select "show system apps". 
  8. Scroll through your apps until you find "Bluetooth", and tap on it. 
  9. Select "storage". 
  10. Select "clear data" and hit "delete" when prompted. 
    1. Make sure that you switch your bluetooth back on! Clearing the bluetooth data typically shuts off bluetooth.
  11. Open back up the Maven Machines app. Tap the truck icon at the top of your application and select your truck. If the adapter and truck do not connect to your tablet, tap 'close' in the top left corner and proceed to step 11.
  12. If possible, unplug your vehicle adapter. Leave it unplugged for at least ten seconds, and plug it back in.
  13. Tap the truck icon on the Maven Machines app and attempt to reconnect. 
  14. If these steps fail, please call Maven Machines Support at 412-499-3877 to continue troubleshooting.