While driving at night, a the brightness of a mounted tablet screen may be slightly distracting. In these situations, the easiest step to take that doesn’t involve shutting off the screen completely is dimming the brightness on the tablet screen. This process may differ slightly depending on your device, but on most Android devices you can use the following steps.

The easiest way to dim your display's brightness is to use the device's Quick Panel. You can access the Quick Panel by putting your finger on the very top edge of the device's screen and pulling down onto the touch screen. This motion starts off the screen and moves onto the screen in a downward swiping motion. When this is done, you will see something similar to the follow image.

Once the Quick Panel is open, the display brightness can be adjusted by moving the slider (highlighted in red above) left and right. Another way to adjust the screen brightness is through the device's settings. Once in the settings, tap Display. At the very top of the display settings, you can adjust the brightness. 

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