When you first sign up with Maven Machines, we will create users (drivers, managers) for any of the members of your organization for which we have information (first name, last name, unique email address). A user profile is used to sign in to the Maven mobile application as well as the Maven Fleet Portal. The log in for the Fleet portal will be your email address, but the sign in on your Android device can be either your phone number or email address. In order to sign in on the mobile app, you will need a driver signup code or company code. The driver signup code is generated when you create a user with the “driver” role on the Fleet Portal. 

If your company has a specific company code, this will be provided by the company instead of a driver signup code and must be used in order for the driver to login to the Maven application. Every driver will use the same company code in this case.

The following information will lay out that process along with creating a user with the “manager” role.

When you get logged into the Maven Fleet portal, there is a button in the top right corner that says your name. Click that and then click Fleet Administration.

Next, click the +add user button. Fill out the driver’s first and last name, as well as their role. If ELD Driver is one of the roles you select, the final step of this process will present you with a Driver Signup Code. If you are creating a user with the “manager” role and no driving roles, they will not be given a Driver Signup Code. When you give this role to the new user they are required to enter an email address as part of the user creation process (an email is not required if creating a user with only a driving role). This email address is used by the new user to log in to the Fleet Portal.

Next, give them an employee ID. If your company does not track employee IDs, you can use the employee’s last name as one. It is for your records only. You will also need to assign a Group or a Terminal to the driver. If you have not created any additional groups or terminals for your fleet, add the new user to the company group available by default. The phone number and email fields are not required. Input any other desired information and continue.

The next page will have you verify the information, then when you hit save, a driver’s sign up code is created and displayed. You can do this for each of your drivers or managers. After creating the user in the system with the manager role, they will receive an email titled “Welcome to Maven”. This email will contain a link that the user clicks to complete the process of gaining access to the Fleet Portal.

The Driver Signup Code can be found on the bottom of the user’s profile page once created until it has been used. If your company uses a company code, this driver signup code will not be used and will stay in the user's profile page.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please reach out to us via one of our support channels. Create a ticket with our support portal here, or reach our support team by phone at 412-499-3877.