If a driver leaves a fleet and their profile is no longer in use, a manager has the power to “deactivate” that user. When a user is deactivated, their profile becomes inaccessible in some places, but will still appear in others. The first place you will see it hidden is on the Manage Users screen. You can access this screen by going to Admin Settings > Fleet Administration. Under the search bar on this page there is a check box that can be selected to include deactivated users on the users list that is displayed.

To deactivate a user, locate their profile on the Manage Users page. One you click on their name, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Deactivate User” button.

Once you click this button, the system will ask you to enter a reason for deactivation (optional) and verify the deactivation by clicking the red “deactivate” button.

Once the Driver is Deactivated

The deactivated user will still show up in groups and terminal searches as well as the HOS screen. In order to remove them fully, you will need to go to the Users section in Fleet Manager and click the "x" in the name of the groups to remove them.

After the driver is removed from all groups, add them to the Deactivated Users group for future reference if necessary. You can reactivate a user if they return to the fleet.

To remove the driver from the Terminal, you must navigate the the Terminals tab and search for the user. Click the Remove button in the right column.

Reactivating a User

Once this is done, if you ever have to reactivate a user, you can do this by going to the same place on the users profile page. In order to see the deactivated account though, you will have to check the “Show Deactivated Users” button mentioned above. Once this is selected, find the deactivated user, click on their name, and click the “Reactivate User” button.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please reach out to us via one of our support channels. Create a ticket with our support portal here, or reach our support line by phone at 412-499-3877.