8-Hour / 30-Minute timer

When you come off a break and change your duty status to either On Duty or Driving, the 8 hours/ 30 minutes timer starts counting down. You are required to take a 30-minute break before the time runs out on the 8hours timer. After full 30 minutes your 8-hour timer will reset, and you will have another full eight hours before you have to take another 30-minute break.

Please see our Split Sleeper Berth Provision article for questions about break timer flexibilities.

11-Hour timer

You may drive for no more than 11 hours per shift, before you have to take a 10-hour break. The 11-hour timer will count down any time you are in a Drive status.

14-Hour timer

As soon as you change your status to either On Duty or Drive after a 10-hour reset, a new shift starts. The 14-hour timer will start counting down and will continue, until you take a break in an Off Duty or Sleeper status for 10 consecutive hours. This timer WILL NOT stop counting down until a 10-hour reset has been completed in full and will not pause when you take your required 30-minute break or any other breaks during the work day.

Even if you have time left on your Drive (11-hour) timer, you are not allowed to continue driving once your shift timer (14-hour) is up.

70-hour (Weekly) timer

The total time spend on duty (either on duty or driving) in any 8-day period cannot exceed 70 hours. At midnight on the 8th day you may gain back time on your 70-hour timer when that day is no longer in the time range being used to calculate the 70-hour timer. In order to completely reset the 70-hour timer you need to take a 34-hour reset or 34 consecutive hours spent in Off Duty status.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please reach out to us via one of our support channels. Create a ticket with our support portal here, or reach our support team by phone at 412-499-3877.