As a fleet manager you have access to the Fleet portal at On this site you can monitor different aspects of your fleet. One of the elements of the manager portal is the Drivers page.

This document will guide you through exploring and understanding that page more fully as you become further accustomed with the fleet management and ELD solutions that Maven Machines offers.

The Drivers page is the easiest way to get a quick glimpse of the current state of your drivers. The first thing you might notice is the list of drivers on the left side of the screen. This list will show each driver’s name, their current location, and the last time their VDA sent location data. To the right of the driver’s name and other information, you can see the current status for a driver and how long they have been in that status.

A live map is to the right of the list of drivers. This will show you an interactive map that is updated by the second, giving the manager a live view of any vehicle in their fleet. Each truck is highlighted with one of four color options.

Green = Driving

Red = Speeding

Purple = Not moving but receiving signal

Light Purple = No signal received from VDA in 24 hours

If you click on one of the truck icons, it displays information specific to that driver. It will display their name, current location, the roadway they are currently navigating, their current speed, and a link to view the street view of their location on Google Maps.

You also have the ability to filter and sort the list of drivers. You can filter by name, duty status and drive type. You can sort based on last name, total drive time, duty status, last location, and time since last update.

Lastly, there is an option to change your view in the drivers page. The map view is available by default, but by clicking the icon in the image below, you can change the view to a list format.

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